He can’t mix and he looks like he walked into your venue from 1985 – no, not Boy George, it’s one half of the Chuckle Brothers scouting for work…

As lockdowns start to ease left right and centre, DJs everywhere are experiencing something that they haven’t had for some time – well, except the plague rave DJs. Dates in the diary.

Emails from agencies and such hawking around for work for their clients – how else are they going to “earn” their percentages? – are going around at an even more plentiful rate than normal as a result. And Paul Chuckle’s agents are particularly desperate to justify how much they get paid right now.

Yes, one half of the Chuckle Brothers – who I never found particularly funny, if I’m honest – has a line in being a DJ. Sadly, Soundcloud isn’t filled with legendary sets of his filled with underground classics and unreleased white labels. But this 20 minute mix e did during lockdown is available on YouTube, saved by someone who’s presumably tone deaf…

Still, the mixing is better than any Boy George compilation from the 90s…

Tip of the hat for this story goes to Popbitch.

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