Did Jeff Mills know this whole time that Derrick May couldn’t play? The Wizard was furious after May got better reviews after 2016 Melbourne joint appearance

Over the years, a lot of people must have had to keep quiet about the fact Derrick May couldn’t play. Dzijan Emin admitted this fact in an exchange a few weeks ago. And he’s far from the only one who’s kept quiet.

Word reaches me at least two major dance publications deliberately kept the fact out of their articles – apparently, keeping the myth alive was more important, not to mention prosperous. Even now, they refuse to disclose this fact. This is what happens when you’re too close to your subjects to report the truth…

Jeff Mills is noted for being a brilliantly talented musician. He’s also noted today for having next to nothing nice to say about Derrick May. The two made a joint appearance together at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne in January 2016.

According to a source who was in the audience that night, the two men barely acknowledged each other’s presence. Indeed, when the two were in close proximity, she told me that “things between the two just seemed frosty”.

When the reviews came in for the much hyped event, Mills was furious. The critics were much more favourable towards May, talking about how much more intimate with the audience he was. The facts that May was physically closer to the audience and not actually playing anything might explain that…

The story goes that May threatened Mills. It was along the lines of “if you ever tell people I can’t play, I’m going to tell everyone about your secret”. And although I am aware of details of the allegation, I will not publish it at this time as I cannot verify it.

In the end, the fact May can’t play was exposed anyway…

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