Was this a little too close to the bone for them? Music publication Clubbing Spain to shut after 21 years – but notice how understated Resident Advisor’s report about it is…

One of the faults of the dance music press – and my goodness, do they have plenty – is that they frequently try and pretend they’re seperate from the culture and scene that they report on. Hence a ridiculous pretence that they’re somehow objective or impartial.

Occasionally though, a story comes along which spooks them. When this happens, it leaves them unsure how to cover them. Do they just write the bare minimum and hope no one notices? Or do they just ignore it altogether?

The story this time is music publication Clubbing Spain is closing down. Since its inception in 1999, the website has featured nearly 400,000 events, over 4,500 clubs, 7,000 artists, 13,000 DJ charts, 900 interviews, 42,000 news pieces, podcasts and features.

Isn’t that basically what Resident Advisor – bailed out to the tune of £750,000 last year by the British taxpayer – does? No wonder their report is so incredibly understated on this. When it came into their office, it must have been like reading their own obituary.

Essentially, it’s what they would have had to publish if Arts Council England had said no. Sobering…

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