Why do DJs always look so miserable in press shots, part two? The wonders of technology help more of dance music’s favourites turn their frowns upside down!

There was quite some interest in a post last Thursday about DJs looking miserable in press shots, if my blog statistics were anything to go by. Incidentally, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog if you’d like more content like this, alongside lots of other stuff that rubs the dance music world up the wrong way.

So, let’s have a couple more pictures to brighten up this Thursday morning for you. First of all, it’s Mr Danny J Lewis. Garage house don, music teacher for Point Blank and occasional name dropper – who also has a habit of adopting a facial expression in press shots that makes you wonder if his dog died five minutes earlier.

Let’s see that smile, Danny!

Next up, it’s Peggy Gou, or Peggy Sue to use the name journalists privately call her. The plague rave favourite, despite being worth millions of pounds and commanding a ridiculous appearance fee, still seems to think she has nothing to smile about.

Here’s Low Steppa, one of the biggest names in house music in the UK right now. That’s got to be something that makes you smile, Mr Bailey?

And finally, here’s Michael Gray – who’s currently busy remixing literally everything in the Easy Street Records archive. Let’s make him look a little bit less, well, gray…

You just know there’s going to be more of these, don’t you?

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