The Six On Saturday (That Aren’t From Me!) – 12th June 2021

On the week that a book was returned to the library 52 years late, I go through the tunes you’ll want to hang onto, no matter what date they tell you to hand them back!

Vrega Dee Feat. Tee Tee Soul –  I’m In Love With You (Soulstar)
I’m in a fussy mood this week. Very little is grabbing my attention. This one didn’t initially, either. The main mix needs a little more going on for my taste. Special mention, however, goes to the Wearing Shoes remix. It’s slower, and it’s quite early 90s – imagine Steve “Silk” Hurley from that era, but without as much piano.

Gary Tuohy Feat. Marck Jamz – Bringing It Back (Blockhead)
I didn’t expect to like this one. Most Blockhead stuff, I don’t. But this one was a charming little surprise. There’s a nice groove going throughout this song and I find it strangely hypnotic. Try it and see.

Previous editions of the Six On Saturday column can now be accessed on this website. Simply click on this tag and you can see them for yourself. Past editions dating back as far as 2017 are currently in the process of being uploaded to the archive.

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