Ever wondered why the British government couldn’t care less about nightclubs? And no, it isn’t (just) about the lack of names donating to the Tory Party’s coffers…

The tedious obsession with June 21st shows no signs whatsoever of abating. Clubbers are hearing marginally less about the plan for England because it’s the weekend, but it’s still ever present. The government is due to announce their decision tomorrow.

At the moment, the rise in the Delta variant of cases is causing uncertainties – it takes some time for infections to translate into hospital admissions. So a delay seems all but inevitable now, bar a last minute gamble by Boris Johnson.

Nightclubs in England were hoping to reopen from that day, but that now looks unlikely to happen. And unfortunately for the dance music community, the public is quite happy to see them remain closed. A poll of 2002 adults last Thursday and Friday found 60% of respondents were fine with clubs staying shut.

As much as I hate to write this, the average member of the public doesn’t care much for nightclubs. Things like meeting up with a friend for coffee seem to take greater importance. And the Tories know this.

I’d even go so far as to suggest clubs have an image problem…

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