As Laurent Garnier quote from 1995 edition of Mixmag about Aphex Twin gets dug up, is there a lesson for the boring DJs who rule the roost today?

DJs these days are a much more boring breed than they’re given credit for. To be fair, however, it’s not their fault. The relentless amount of work that DJs have to do these days to even get noticed means that they’re hard working – and it also means they can be quite a dull bunch.

The DJs of years ago had no such worries. All they had to do was turn up with a box of vinyl. So long as you didn’t totally train wreck every transition, you’d probably be booked again. And in those days, the dance music press were much more carefree – not the bastions of boredom and sameness that they represent today.

So, it was with interest that I saw what Laurent Garnier said about Aphex Twin in a Mixmag issue back in 1995. I’m not sure I can see the modern day Mixmag printing this…

DJs these days? Unless they’re a personal friend, they don’t seem to care…

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