Daniel Ek pleads poverty when saying he can’t increase artist royalties – yet opens a big chequebook to get exclusive podcasts (with the latest getting a whopping $60million!)

Here’s yet another reason I’ve pretty much stopped making music to concentrate on this blog. Making me music was costing me money. I couldn’t even break even or make a small profit. And when I see things like this, I just get more and more convinced that I made the right decision.

Spotify’s new policy that seems to have developed during the pandemic was to start paying lots of money for podcasts. The idea of paying more money to artists at a time when they were struggling never crossed Daniel Ek’s mind, as he dangled one fat cheque after another to get exclusive rights to podcasts.

The latest one? Some $60million for a podcast about being sex positive. I had to look up what that meant – it sounds pretty good to me! But $60million when many musicians haven’t been able to do much work for the past 15 months? That’s going to annoy a lot of people.

The internet was going to democratise music, so we were told. That proved about as accurate as the person who said the wheel would never catch on…

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