Weird time to open a new club? The Lofts disagree as they plan to open on August Bank Holiday weekend in Newcastle – and guess who they’ve lined up for the grand opening?

If you believe the mainstream dance music press, you’d be half forgiven for thinking we were in the midst of a clubbers apocalypse right now. Amidst headlines about the June 21st delay being the worst thing since Hitler invaded Poland and apoplectic claims that loads of clubs will disappear forever, nobody would seriously be opening a club, would they?

You’d be wrong. A few weeks ago, I reported that a new club was opening in fashionable Shoreditch, east London. And now here’s another one. It’s called The Lofts – 1500 capacity, based in Newcastle and opening on the August Bank Holiday weekend. A strange time to open a new club? Possibly, but someone obviously thinks there’s money to be made.

In the meantime, Pete Tong has been lined up for the opening gig – mostly thanks to an old-boy network connection between him and one of the venue’s founders, Rob Seaman. He worked with his Wonderland party series in the late 2000s.

Elsewhere you’ll find Frankie Foncett, a man who recently celebrated his 800th year in dance music, and Mighty Mouse – who is currently reviving disco for what must be the 85th time.

The website is here if you fancy a look around. Not the most innovative thing I’ve ever seen, but I suspect the desperation to get back into clubs will see them through the short term…

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