As Djoon extends its fundraiser, a suggestion on who could chip in some money – and no, I’m not talking about you, Terrence Parker…

French nightclub Djoon have a fundraiser on at the moment, and having realised they had zero chance of reaching their €50,000 target by the original end date of today – not unless Terrence Parker stumped up some more money, anyway – they’ve extended the date.

You’ve now got until the end of the month to pay into the piggy bank, and a second blaze of publicity has pushed them up to €27,279 at the time of writing. Amidst the pack was Resident Advisor, who have developed a habit of late of urging other people to spend their money whilst they behave like that person who scuttles off to the toilet when it’s their round in the pub.

Couldn’t they help out by putting some money into the fund? After all, numerous actual clubs were refused money by Arts Council England whilst a website that writes reviews of music – badly – and makes money off plague raves gets £750k…

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