Does no one dare take an opposing view anymore? Idris Elba releases new single called “Fudge” to glowing reviews – from everyone except me!

The dance music press is a truly mysterious beast. Every now and then, they all line up fervently to tell you about something that they think is fantastic and they want you to think it’s fantastic too. NFTs come to mind, Peggy Gou’s most recent single does too.

And now they’re busily trying to convince us that “Fudge”, Idris Elba’s new single with Eliza Legzdina is a good record. Here’s DJ Mag’s desperately unconvincing attempt. But here’s the thing – it’s not a good record. It’s not a bad one either, but it’s utterly forgettable. I listened to it five minutes ago and I barely remember what I heard.

Speaking of which, see what you think…

Yet you’d be half forgiven for thinking otherwise if you were to rely on the dance music press. This Song Is Sick describes it as a “tech house heater”. Your EDM call it an “addictive club track”. And Mixtape Madness reckon the track is “electrifying”.

I think they all need to increase the doses of whatever medication they’re on this week…

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