Not your finest hour, Kwame! Funk Butcher’s appearing at Save Our Scene UK temper tantrum this weekend – and for once, he has surprisingly little to say on the subject…

The Funk Butcher, real name Kwame Safo, is normally one of the more level headed names you’ll find on Twitter. Aside from his work at PRS, he also put together one of the best editions of Mixmag for many years. I even suggested a while ago that the magazine should consider making him editor.

Unfortunately, Safo appears to have totally lost his marbles with one of his decisions lately – he’s decided to sign up to the Save Our Scene UK rave due to happen on Sunday. I blogged about this earlier today.

This is incredibly unwise. He’s going to appear alongside a combination of mostly Covid deniers, anti-vaxxers and plague rave DJs. Here’s his tweet on the event. Just a hashtag and a photo. He couldn’t have made less of an effort if he tried.

And I suspect that Safo knows deep down that this is a bad decision, taken out of understandable frustration at the state of play right now. He normally has plenty to say on the big subjects in dance music.

But on this, he has little to say. And I think we all know why…

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