How long until White Lines Matter becomes a thing? Millennials are demanding their cocaine is more ethically sourced – apparently…

Quite a few years ago, there was a spell of bad weather in the UK that flooded a biscuit making factory in the north east of England, putting them out of action. Soon afterwards, people started complaining they were finding it difficult to obtain ginger nut biscuits, of all things.

It later turned out that some 90% of all the ginger nut biscuits sold in the UK and Ireland came from this one factory. From luxury brands to cheap ones that cost about 5p per kilogram, it was all sourced from one outlet.

This came straight to mind after I read a story, which appears to have originated in the Daily Mirror last week, about drug dealers increasingly offering “ethically sourced” options to their customers. Now, I have to admit I don’t know much about drugs. So I turned to someone who does – someone who used to dabble in the drug trade for many years.

Is there anything to this story, or is it tabloid fuelled nonsense? He told me “Nah, this sounds like b******s to me. Most people don’t give a flying f**k where the drugs come from, so long as they can get some. And those that do know… well, let’s just say they’re unlikely to become future customers.”.

And this idea that you can get cocaine that’s ethically sourced? After he finished laughing, he said “It’s absolute crap. There’s no such thing, not as long as the trade is illegal anyway. These people harvesting the stuff aren’t represented by trade f***ing unions, you know!”…

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