Spotify wasn’t created to make artists money, says former company bigwig – leaving out the bits about Daniel Ek’s £3billion net worth, of course…

Spotify is a weird company, even by modern standards. Their CEO, Daniel Ek is worth roughly £3.2billion, their average employee earns about £60,000 per year – yet the company hasn’t turned a profit once since it was founded in 2006. Any other company which operated like that would have closed down years ago.

The company is also known for paying some appallingly low royalties to the artists and labels whose music is on the service. Rival Apple Music recently increased their rates, but will Spotify do it? According to Jim Anderson – their Inventor and Solutions Architect from 2011 to 2014 – no chance!

In a recent discussion with independent singer Ashley Jana, Anderson accused her of “going down the entitlement road” and said Spotify was created “to get artists’ music out there… not to pay people money”.

If this is how someone who’s no longer on the Spotify payroll thinks, I dread to think what the people still there make of it. Still, mustn’t complain. We wouldn’t Daniel Ek to only have three holidays per year instead of four now, would we?

Hat tip goes to Digital Music News for this story

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