Is there anyone in dance music who ISN’T a crook, part four? MK resuscitated a long dead career in house through Storm Queen – but Damon C Scott, the voice of “Look Right Through”, never made a penny!

The treatment of singers in house music was always something I was uneasy about. Countless singers on house records never receive the credit they deserve. During my short time in the house music world making and releasing records, I was never quite sure how to handle this.

Everyone knows that “It’s Alright” was (allegedly) by Sterling Void, not so many can tell you that Paris Brightledge sang on it. Everyone knows “Hey Hey” was a Dennis Ferrer production, few can tell you Shingai Shoniwa sings on it. And there are truly no end of such stories.

Storm Queen is another one. “Look Right Through” was produced by Morgan Geist and sung by Damon C. Scott. It came out on a limited vinyl release and digitally in 2010 through Environ Records. Defected snapped up the record in 2011 and gave it a few remixes from the likes of Jamie Jones. Then MK was snapped up in 2012 and delivered two mixes. He came back into house music in a huge way afterwards, having abandoned the genre after being asked to make one MK dub too many back in 1996…

However, what of Damon C. Scott? His name was never promoted on the release. The original vinyl mentioned his name in small print and Defected never used the name at all. He posted a series of tweets yesterday. Have a read of them below…

It turns out he never earned a single penny out of that song. Disgraceful, but not surprising. And yet again, silence will be the response. Morgan Geist won’t have anything to say. MK will have nothing to say. And you can be absolutely assured that Simon Dunmore will have nothing to say about it either….


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