Does someone in Spain not like Amateur’s House? Mystery as high number of people from the country struggle to access your favourite dance music blog…

Ever since Amateur’s House started properly back in April of this year, I’ve discovered all kinds of things. Many have been reported in the blog, and a few haven’t – I don’t have bottomless pockets. I’ve also covered a lot of things which aren’t being reported elsewhere and I’m quite proud of what’s being created here.

But I’ve also come across some things which make me want to scratch my head in bafflement. Occasionally, I get complaints coming in from people unable to access the website. The error messages are usually quite generic, so it’s therefore not easy to get to the root of the problem. However, I’ve been receiving a fair number of emails lately from one particular country about access.

And that country would be Spain. For some unknown reason, a lot of people in the country are currently having problems getting on this site. Exactly why is unclear, and something I’m trying to get to the bottom of – but a quick look at my statistics for November reveal Spain is sixth in the list of visitors last month…

Rest assured I’m working on this in the background, but I thought it was worth writing about. Access to Amateur’s House on social media platforms remain unaffected. Email subscriptions are available if you’re having this problem – or you know someone who is.

And as a temporary fix, there’s always VPNs. I’ll keep you all posted…

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