First his mask and now this? Dance music shaken to its very core this weekend (or quite possibly not) after Louie Vega posts a photo of himself WITHOUT his hat…

There’s a lot of very heavy news stories going around right now – my prediction this blog would be able to relax a bit over the Christmas period is fast going down the toilet. So I thought this Monday lunchtime, I’d bring you a lighter story from the weekend.

Now, there are sights and sounds in dance music which have been there for so long that it’s hard to imagine anything else. For example, there’s the sight of blog-blocking, money-owing Terrence Parker using a telephone as a pair of headphones for DJing – it’s something he’s done since his earliest days and seeing him do otherwise would just feel wrong.

And another thing which is just part of the scene now is Louie Vega. Or more specifically, Louie Vega’s hat. He seems to have a whole collection of hats, and is almost never photographed without one. So much so that an internet legend which this blog has just made up asks exactly what is underneath his hat – it could be the face mask which has mysteriously disappeared of late.

Or another internet legend which this blog has just made up right now theorises that the hat, in fact, conceals another hat. Yes, Louie Vega’s head essentially has a complete set of Russian dolls – or should that be Russian hats? – on it. Well, wonder no more. Because over the weekend, Vega posted a picture on Instagram where he wasn’t wearing a hat. Here it is…

So it turns out that all that’s under Louie Vega’s hat is… er, hair. I’d have never seen that one coming…

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