Here’s One They Made Earlier: one of the lesser appreciated highlights of a VERY lengthy list of remixes from the Roger Sanchez archive…

These days, you can commission as many remixes as you like of a song. It all depends on how much money you’ve got to spend – there’s room these days for hundreds of different remixes, if you wanted them. Sales or streams inevitably drop off after the first two or three, but it’s still possible.

But in the pre-internet days, this was impossible to do. When pressing music onto vinyl, you only physically had so much room to fit music onto – so every single version mattered. And it was perfectly normal to have releases where every mix offered something different. One example is the 1994 release of “Love Me Right” by JD Braithwaite.

The package contains remixes by Junior Vasquez and a particularly strong dub from Todd Edwards early in his career. But for some reason, the Roger Sanchez remix of this never gets the attention it should.

And I just can’t understand why. Those chords which come in after around 90 seconds definitely grab my attention – it all feels quite church-like after that…

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