Er, you do realise you sell MP3s, right? Traxsource show rare fail in their social media marketing by posting pictures from an Aussie producer whose first love seems to be vinyl…

You might not be aware of this, but Traxsource was set up by two gentlemen called Marc Pomeroy and Brian Tappert. They started the site in 2004 and are still at the helm today – but the history of the two men goes back much further than their 18 years at Traxsource.

They’ve known each other since at least 1993 – the two men used to form a duo called Jazz-N-Groove. Between 1993 and around 2001, they became well known in the house music scene for their remixes – Kim English, Crystal Waters and Jocelyn Brown are just three of the names whom they’ve been asked to stick their signature sound to. They also provided Defected with their first ever release – “Can’t Get Enough” under their Soulsearcher alias.

So the two gentlemen will be well versed in vinyl – it’s what they would have known and worked with during the 1990s. And many who started out in that era still have an understandable love of wax – but there’s a time and a place for everything.

And the Traxsource social media pages are probably not the best place to express that affection…

Traxsource was founded specifically in 2004 to provide a solution to a problem – vinyl sales were down, and DJs could not acquire digital copies of many records legally. Hence why Traxsource was created as a legal alternative to piracy. You could pay and be guaranteed top quality files or go to the pirate sites and get a dodgy vinyl rip – that was the choice.

But vinyl has never been in the Traxsource plan. So to showcase these turntables and plants – as easy on the eye as these pictures admittedly are – through their official accounts just seems downright weird to me…

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