Welcome to Ears To The House – still writing the stuff about dance music others won’t!

It’s time to announce a few more things in relation to your favourite dance music website. We’re on the way back, and things will be ready to relaunch properly very soon – but now it’s time to reveal some more.

As mentioned a few weeks ago, the decorators have been in recently. The website has been completely revamped with a new look. It’s now going to be easier to find what you’re looking for. We even have a news ticker near the top of the front page with the latest posts listed in it. We love the new look – hopefully, you do too.

And the more eagle-eyed amongst you might also have noticed our new name – we are now Ears To The House. The short story behind this is the old name wasn’t reflective of what this site is increasingly about – a longer explanation will be made available later. In a nutshell, “Ears To The” is a reference to the phrase “ears to the ground” and “House” connects with what went before.

The premise of the site, however, remains much unchanged. Expect to see the bad things in the dance music scene highlighted – whilst never forgetting there is much good in it too. Expect to see a site which tries to be fair, but does not hold back on our views. And expect to have some fun along the way too.

The “Here’s One They Made Earlier” column will continue on Monday, albeit with a focus on a wider range of dance music than previously. Wednesday Whisper – the most-read column on this site almost every week – will be in place just as before. Saturday will still include a recap of some highlights of the week, and plans are afoot to expand the reviews section in the near future.

Ears To The House relaunches in May – the exact date is to be confirmed – and we’re excited to get going all over again…

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