Did you miss us? Ears To The House returns today…

Do you remember the 1995 Wildchild track “Renegade Master”? You might recall the lyrics went, “Back once again for the renegade master, D for Damager, power to the people, Back once again for the renegade master, D for damager, with the ill behaviour” – sampled from A.D.O.R.’s “One For The Trouble”, of course.

Well, since Amateur’s House went on a badly-needed sabbatical at the end of January, there’s been a lot of ill behaviour in dance music – and just as expected, the dance music press showed no interest in covering it whilst we were away. But the site was growing at a pace which I simply couldn’t keep up with.

So a number of changes have taken place. As you might have already noticed, the decorators have been in and the site is now Ears To The House. Anyone visiting the old site should now be redirected here – a few teething troubles are inevitable, but they should be ironed out fairly soon.

But possibly the biggest change is there’s now more than one of us behind the site. We’re also hoping to have more writers on board soon. Other than that, things remain much the same as before. Your weekly dose of nostalgia in Here’s One They Made Earlier is on tonight as usual, and a scurrilous rumour will still be covered every week in the Wednesday Whisper column.

Of course, it wouldn’t be life if there hadn’t been a few hiccups along the way – and because things aren’t 100% ready yet, the Saturday reviews won’t be back immediately. They were a part of the old site and they will be just as important to Ears To The House too – so they’ll return as soon as practically possible.

This site’s purpose will remain much the same as before – to cover issues which aren’t being reported elsewhere, and covering issues from angles which they usually aren’t. Learning from past mistakes, we will be fairer on the subjects whom we write about – but we won’t shirk the task of asking difficult questions or calling people out.

We will also try to cover more of the good which goes on within this vast scene – because amidst the bad behaviour which goes on, it’s sometimes easy to forget there are good people out there doing great things. If you do have any news for us or anything you think we’d be interested in, you can send us an email here.

Right, let’s get on with things. We said in the past we were “writing the stuff about dance music others won’t” – and we still are!

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