This week’s installment goes, for the second week in a row, back to the year 2000 – and it’s a Moby track from the era where he was dismissed as a “sell out” due to the amount of licensing deals he was making with his music.

Now, you can say what the hell you like about Moby – and many no doubt will – but one thing which has always been the case is his tracks frequently came with some seriously good remixes. Whether it’s the notorious Ferry Corsten remix of “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?” or ATFC’s intriguing remixes of “In This World”, alternate mixes were always to be found with his records.

This is one which I think was slept on at the time – but when the main remix of this was provided by Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto outfit, then one of the best DJs in the world, this was hardly surprising.  Infact, we were hard pressed to find any elements of the original in this “Natural Blues” remix by Peace Division.

This dub had the tribal house sound which Peace Division were known for, yet also had a nice groove to it and even touched onto the sampled disco house sound of the time with what sounds like a looped sample playing throughout. See what you think…