Why Moby doesn’t want to be commercial anymore

Moby has decided he doesn’t want to appeal to the corporate machine anymore, it seems. He’s launched a new record label, called Always Centred At Night. And the purpose of this label, exactly?

To create music purely for the sake of it, as opposed to rise up an algorithm that no one truly understands. Now, we at Ears To The House think this is a pretty good idea – not exactly the most unique concepts, but an interesting one to explore. Moby himself says of his new creation…

“I talk to my friends who are creatives and it breaks my heart because they don’t trust themselves anymore. It seems like the only criteria is: ‘Can I sell this to a corporation? Will a corporation pay me to make it? Will I get enough shares and likes?’ What happened to the idea that art and culture should be a contemptuous refuge from the mainstream, as opposed to this lickspittle, running dog accommodation to the mainstream?”

We find ourselves in complete agreement with Moby – but then again, Moby would know all about the corporate machine, wouldn’t he? After all, he has licensed a sizeable amount of his catalogue for TV adverts – and not only that, but every single track off his 1999 album ‘Play’ ended up being licensed for something.

What’s brought about this Damascene conversion? Could it be something to do with the fact Moby is already a multi-millionaire, so doesn’t really need to worry about whether records will do well or not? Or is it that Moby’s association with this label might even help with the streaming and download numbers?

Still, Ears To The House looks forward to seeing what the label can do. This first release is a good one…

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