Tory MP complains about illegal rave – Britain tries not to laugh…

A prerequisite these days of being a British Tory MP is a complete inability to be able to see themselves and to defend literally anything that the leadership does, no matter how monumentally stupid it might be. And whilst other eyes might well have been focused on the Jubilee celebrations over the weekend, this whopper may have passed them by.

An illegal rave took place over the weekend at Davidston Moor near the Cornwall/Devon border. Local police say they first started receiving reports at 10pm on Friday night and that the music only seemed to get louder as the night went on. Some media reports erroneously claimed the rave was being promoted as a modelling show to conceal its true purpose – but there actually is a fashion show finishing today nearby.

When the local MP – Scott Mann – found out about the rave, he was very keen to reassure his constituents. He wrote this statement on Facebook…

Scott Mann is the member of parliament for North Cornwall. He’s also a Conservative. Yes, the very same Conservative Party whose leader was recently fined by the Met Police for attending an illegal party and who presided over a culture of illegal parties which resulted in 126 fines in total – surely making Number 10 Downing Street the most fined address for Covid breaches in Britain.

Ears To The House quite honestly wonders how, in the circumstances, he has the barefaced cheek to say anything about this illegal rave. We see you haven’t spoken out about the illegal event your own boss went to, Mr Mann…

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