Laurent Garnier: Off The Record – guess who’s missing?

This seems to be a year for putting out movies and documentaries about dance music. Only recently, Ears To The House covered the premiere of God Said Give ‘Em Drum Machines, pointing out one notable person from the genre’s history wasn’t there. And we notice the premiere of another film is forthcoming in a few weeks time.

On July 15th, Laurent Garnier: Off The Record will be available to download and stream in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Its premiere takes place in London on July 9th – a Saturday – at the British Film Institute cinema on London’s Southbank. Indeed, it’s hard to tell from the publicity material whether the film is more about documenting club culture more generally or about documenting Laurent Garner himself.

The truth behind the spin will become clearer in a few weeks. However, we don’t need to wait four weeks to establish one thing which has been clarified. The original trailer for the film still features on the film’s official Instagram page – and it’s notably different to the final version. Not least because Derrick May can be heard waffling that “we created something else” at around 1 minute and 50 seconds in.

He doesn’t feature in the new trailer at all. We can’t possibly imagine why…

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