Detroit DJ said to be “terrified” he’ll “soon” be accused of rape

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been receiving a number of allegations being made against several DJs – some historic, some very recent. So far, the women in question have requested we don’t publish these accounts to the world – and Ears To The House is, of course, happy to honour that request.

But one name keeps cropping up in our emails – which means we were particularly intrigued by whispers going around in Detroit circles at the moment. They concern none other than the man himself, who is said to be “terrified” that he could “soon” be accused of rape – and no less than three sources have verified what we’re about to tell you.

One of them told us that “He’s been having conversations with his friends recently about his past. He’s seen people being outed in the press and stuff accused of rape and sexual assault – and now he’s worried the same is going to happen to him. We knew he had a past when it came to sex, but we didn’t entirely expect this.”.

Another one said “I was talking to him lately about this and I asked him what gave him the idea he could find himself in that situation. And he said ‘s***, where do I even begin with this? I got a whole load of skeletons in my closet, some of what I done I probably wouldn’t do now’. He really does seem to think it could happen to him.”.

Judging by our inbox over the past few weeks, there could be a lot of other DJs who are going through the past with a fine tooth-comb – wondering if they could be at risk in this #MeToo era…

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