Did Carl Craig REALLY stop Annabel Ross reviewing Movement Detroit?

Last week, journalist Annabel Ross was subject to some truly disgusting abuse by Detroit’s Carl Craig and Alexander Omar Smith. Ears To The House took a strong line on the subject, condemning the vile meme shared and the blatant attack on journalistic freedom. Shamefully, the dance music press has not defended her in any manner.

Infact, it took Resident Advisor until late on Tuesday to make any reference to the event – and they seemed to be more interested in a claim made by Ross on her blog alleging Carl Craig banned her from reviewing the Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit, which took place earlier this month.

Now, the claim Ross makes looks pretty solid to us. She says she was there in an official capacity to review the festival for Mixmag – when she received a phone call from her editor saying Craig had barred her from doing so. Mixmag have yet to explain why they didn’t tell Craig to shove his demand up his backside, and has basically thrown Ross under the bus.

For what it’s worth, at least two sources in Detroit have told us the story is true. Craig himself has failed to deny the story, and has since gone pretty quiet on the story – our Detroit sources are telling us he’s had what they call “a few difficult phone calls” over the matter.

But a few days ago, we noticed an intriguing twist. Sam Fotias – the director of operations at Paxahau and Movement Festival – had followed the official Ears To The House Instagram page. So our editor decided to send him this query to see if he could clear up this mystery…

Fotias saw the message around an hour after we sent it. At the time of writing, he is still yet to send a response…

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