#ForTheMusic finally makes progress with Safer Dance scheme

Ears To The House would dearly love to get wholeheartedly behind the #ForTheMusic initiative – who could seriously try to argue that the dancefloor should be a more dangerous place, after all? But we’ve struggled with the lack of action and sometimes questionable leadership of the movement.

We wanted to see action which made a real difference to the safety of people, and especially women – and we’re pleased to be able to report things might finally be starting to bear fruit. Sam Hennerley and business partner Jack Young, both from Birmingham, have created a new programme called Safe Dance – and it’s got the backing of the #ForTheMusic campaign courtesy of Rebekah Teasdale.

Pilot schemes to test the scheme have began at undisclosed locations in Birmingham, London and Liverpool – which involves what this article describes as a “holistic suite of tools that provide support, guidance and technology for nightlife venues to help reduce sexual harrassment risks and ensure a safer environment for all”.

The language sounds a little vague for our liking at Ears To The House – but frankly, we’re all in favour of new ideas in this area, as the old ones certainly aren’t working. Praise goes to the two gentlemen who came up with the concept – and whose view that they should help find a solution to a problem is one which meets with our stamp of approval.

And yes, credit must also go to techno DJ Rebekah Teasdale for giving this idea her backing. We’re pleased to finally see the #ForTheMusic campaign looking a little less beleaguered and a little more confident. More, please…

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