After François K leads Frankie Knuckles tribute event, where was David Morales’ invite?

As much as people rightly criticise the algorithms which dictate so much of our online lives these days, it has to be said they do occasionally turn up with the goods. This was our first thought at Ears To The House yesterday after seeing a suggested post on Facebook by none other than François Kevorkian – referencing a Frankie Knuckles tribute event which took place on Saturday at Flava Beach in Napoli.

The poster accompanying the post immediately made us suspicious. For example, there was no mention of the Frankie Knuckles Foundation on the poster. And the list of names of DJs who were set to play didn’t encourage any confidence, either. With the possible exception of headliner Kevorkian, how many of those DJs played alongside or at the same event as Frankie Knuckles?

As far as Ears To The House has been able to establish, the answer to this question is none. So given that this is now the sixth time this event has taken place, what’s going on? Are these events nothing more than a cynical attempt to cash in on the name of one of house music’s originators? And if so, what on earth was Kevorkian doing going anywhere near it?

It seems we’re not the only ones asking questions of this event either. Because none other than David Morales himself has been pondering. Posting on his Facebook page over the weekend, he said this…

We wonder the same thing. And it’s not just Morales who could be invited to these events. Fellow Def Mix producers like Satoshi Tommie, Hector Romero and Eric Kupper could be involved. Or you could extend the list to DJs who frequently played alongside Knuckles, to name but one.

If they really do feel the need to make money out of his legacy, the least the organisers and every single one of the DJs who played the event could do is send a donation to the Frankie Knuckles Foundation. Your move, Mr Kevorkian…

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