As Defected get ready to release “Calabria”, one question from us – why?

Defected is one of those labels which Ears To The House looks at with a certain degree of respect combined with occasional bafflement. And this occasional sense of bafflement comes around roughly once a year – usually when we look at their forthcoming release and one of them just leaves us scratching our heads.

This is one of those times. Simon Dunmore’s label is releasing a new version of “Calabria” by Claptone this coming Friday – and even by the standards of Defected, this is an odd one. The extended version clocks in at a mere 4 minutes and 25 seconds and is yet another version of Dutchman Rune Reilly Kølsch’s 2003 release on defunct Parlophone outfit Credence. So why are Defected releasing this?

A source who’s had what he describes as “many dealings with Defected” explains the situation. He says “This is a business release, pure and simple. Simon’s quite old fashioned in the way he signs music sometimes – and one of the things he firmly believes in is that labels occasionally have to release things which pay the bills. Even if they don’t really fit in otherwise.”

A quick look on what’s going on in the music world suggests Dunmore could have a real money spinner with this one. Earlier this month, two songs which sampled “Calabria” were in the British top 30 chart at the same time – “21 Reasons” by Nathan Dawe and Ella Henderson, and “Je M’Appelle” by rapper Benzz. It’s certainly a lucrative month for Kølsch and could be the same for Defected too.

The same source also cited ‘Fur’ by British producer Endor – real name Dan Hardingham – released by Defected in October 2020. Samples of 1810 composition “Für Elise” by Beethoven played alongside generic tech-house, but our source says “I can confidently say this release was one that helped Defected through the pandemic whilst the events side was largely out of action. Calabria comes out in a different climate but ultimately brings in money Defected can potentially spend on less profitable but more credible material”.

So if you wondered why Defected was releasing yet another remake – whilst being led by a man who decries the lack of originality in dance music – now you know…

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