Derrick May banned “passport” girlfriend from Rome event

Things all seem to be kicking off in the world of Derrick May this week – and not in a good way. A number of sources in Detroit have got in touch to report all is not well (yet again) between May and his Greek “passport” girlfriend Sofia Tsagaraki.

Now, a quick explanation might be necessary here for the benefit of our newer readers – because this isn’t a subject we’ve covered in some time. When Ears To The House refers to Tsagaraki as Derrick May’s “passport”, we are quoting the man himself – this is how he referred to his on-off girlfriend in conversations with his friend last year amidst discussions about him moving from Detroit to start afresh.

So what has happened this week? As we understand it, Tsagaraki had proposed meeting up with Derrick May on his jolly to Europe. May was originally due to play two gigs in Italy this week – Undermoon Festival last night and Kappa Futur on Saturday. However, his appearance at Futur was quietly shelved after online criticism.

These claims were given given credence by the fact May has spent the past three nights in Italy’s capital, Rome. From what we can establish, Tsagaraki suggested they meet up last week, but the proposed meeting never happened. So why not?

A source in Detroit explains “Derrick got cold feet. He said he was worried about the backlash she’d get online if she was seen with him. This didn’t deter her, so he then lied and said he’d only be in Rome for one night anyway. Sofia was very upset when she found out he’d decided to make a small vacation out of his time in Italy without her. It’s a bit of a d*** move, really.”.

It’s unclear when May is heading back to Detroit, but Ears To The House understands he went out to Italy on the same day as Carl Craig – who’s doing two shows in Italy this weekend, and whose appearance at Futur Festival is still going ahead. Another source, however, brings us news of a more unsavoury nature.

They told us that “Derrick was hoping to ‘get some p***y’ on his trip to Italy. He was pretty gross about it. We’re not sure how much success he’s had with that, but we do know he seems to be spending most of his trip hanging out with Carl Craig.”.

We’re saying nothing…

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