Wednesday Whisper: 29th June 2022

This week, you’ve got quite the treat from us – two rumours for the price of one. Aren’t we just great?

Which Ibiza venue is already getting bogged down with complaints about the cleanliness of their toilets? It’s not even peak season yet, but the venue in question has already been deluged with customers saying that the state of the bathrooms is, frankly, a bit crap.

Criticisms made to venue staff so far include pressure on the taps allegedly being turned down so low that washing your hands is next to impossible – suspected to be a ruse to force people to buy bottled water at the bar. There are also a number of accusations of toilets being consistently dirty, with one clubber alleged to have told a member of staff that “I wouldn’t snort anything off that” – it’s not clear whether this was a joke.

The club in question sent Ears To The House an email saying “We agree there have been issues. This is mainly due to staffing issues, they are now been resolved. The pressure issue was due to service work by the water company in the area – from this year, we now offer free refills for bottles at dedicated facilities. We thank you for contacting us.”.

We’ll be watching the venue…

Which British DJ recently dispatched one of his lackeys to go and pick up supplies of Febreeze air freshener? The DJ can be seen regularly across the cities of Britain, and occasionally takes the plane across the Irish Sea to do some shows on the beautiful Emerald Isle.

He was on a trip to do a few Irish shows, the first of which was in Dublin. Upon arriving at the airport of departure – which Ears To The House shall not be naming – the DJ was horrified to remember he could not bring aerosols onto the flight. Hence an airport cleaner would have been baffled later that day by the sight of two Febreeze air fresheners he was forced to dispose of.

Shortly after arriving in Dublin Airport, he instructed his lackey to head into the city centre and find a shop to replenish his supply of air freshener. The lackey acquired the goods and got them down to the DJ booth with just five minutes to spare before he was due to begin his set. But what was the reason for all this?

It turns out the DJ in question has something of an addiction to the smell of air fresheners. They’re the same range his cleaner uses at his house – and it helps him to feel “more at home”, apparently…

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