Nervous Records – where it’s 1975 all day, every day…

We get the sense that this is one of those weeks where a number of people in dance music descend even further into parody than normal – and it’s only Wednesday. Yesterday, Ears To The House wrote about how the okay-ish DJ Danny Rampling is headlining a festival about “freedom” – a term which has a different meaning to him than the rest of us.

And last night, it was the turn of Nervous Records to make themselves look stupid – admittedly not an area where they normally require much assistance. Someone at the Nervous advertising department was apparently on the lookout for a new angle which to sell their clothes.

Nothing wrong with that, you might think. And normally we’d agree – coming up with an angle your competitors haven’t could be the key to big sales for a product. So the pitch they came up with is that Nervous clothes are strong enough to withstand anything your washing machine can throw at it.

Which is actually quite a sensible point to make when it comes to clothes – but Nervous still managed to make a mess of it by posting this…

We’re slightly impressed at how the model has managed to get her trousers into the washing machine without taking off her shoes – but everything else about this photo is just making us cringe. Only the advertising department at Nervous Records could find a good selling point for their clothes and STILL bungle up…

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