Here’s One They Made Earlier: 18th July 2022

This week, we go back to the heady days of 1998 for a reminder of a forgotten gem. There was a period during the mid-1990s that you couldn’t fart without encountering yet another remix from the Rhythm Masters. Consisting of duo Steve Mac and Robert Chetcuti, the two men met earlier in the decade and put their first releases out in 1994 on Strictly Rhythm.

Their remixes generally had a signature pattern – samples from old disco records usually cut up to varying degrees of prominence, hard kick drums, and use of a voice saying “Rhythm Masters” on their works. Exactly where they got the idea of doing this is unknown, but it seemed to work back then.

They also ran a record label called Dis-Funktional – and it was presumably that major label money which helped fund the operation, where they had more freedom over the final product. And this particular track from the Deep Beats And Rhythms EP in 1998 stands out for us – because we just can’t stick it in one category.

It starts off sounding like the traditional Rhythm Masters – but once that mysterious sample starts looping in the mix, you just know it’s going to be a little different. At points, it even goes into the realms of hypnotic techno – all in all, it’s a bit of a genre bender. See what you think.

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