Deborah De Luca remains silent on Felix Da Housecat remix…

Last Thursday, Ears To The House published an article about Miss Kittin’s wrath after discovering Italian techno DJ Deborah De Luca’s label had released a new remix of “Silver Screen (Shower Scene)” by Felix Da Housecat. Not only was she not credited on the release – which she produced and contributed vocals to – she also claims the release isn’t legit.

At the time of writing on a baking hot Monday afternoon, our enquiries to Deborah De Luca’s label Solamente and Felix Da Housecat remain unanswered. This means the exact question of how this came to be released is unclear – but a few of the facts are easier to establish.

For instance, a quick search of their lists of followers on Instagram confirms Deborah De Luca and Felix Da Housecat do follow each other. There are also no posts at all from Felix Da Housecat – real name Felix Stallings Jr – referencing the De Luca remix of his older release, which is known to have been in existence for at least the past nine months.

It’s also worth noting De Luca has been far from silent on her social media pages over the weekend. She found the time to post numerous Instagram stories from her gig at the Galactica Music Festival in Bologna, playing a number of her current favourite tracks – although curiously, her disputed remix of “Silver Screen (Shower Scene)” wasn’t to be heard on a single one.

She also had a few moments to spare from her busy weekend of touring to plug her latest release – this time, it was the 1995 song “Children” by Robert Miles which was subjected to the De Luca treatment. Quite what Miles himself thinks of this rework will, of course, never be known – he died back in 2017.

And yet, her remix of “Silver Screen (Shower Scene)” remains unpromoted and unloved. The mystery continues…

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