Would you pay $100k for a helicopter ride? Rollin’ Loud reckon so…

As much as the likes of Defected would like to tell you that everyone is equal in the world of house music, some people are more equal than others. The idyllic early days of dance music – where the likes of Paradise Garage charged a $10 entry fee and then you were in for the night have long gone.

They even provided food and drink for that price – coffee and chicken were two of their most famous offerings. These days, dance music is run largely on the basis that a fool and his money are easily parted – and far too many of those in positions of power in this industry very much hold the view the paying public are indeed fools.

Over the weekend, a few people got in touch about the Rollin’ Loud hip-hop festival. Apparently, Kanye West caused something of a kerfuffle when he appeared despite his name being removed off the lineup last week – and Kid Cudi walked off after some charming person threw water at his face. Has anyone checked where Maceo Plex was last Friday yet?

But what really caught our attention at Ears To The House was a tweet by musician and artist Kush Jones revealing the food and drink prices in the VIP area. Want some Noby fries? That’ll be $45 per portion, please. Lobster tempura roll? $120 each, if you don’t mind. No less than $1600 for a 36oz Tomahawk steal and truffle aioli baked king crab leg.

Even the ice cream afterwards come in at $38 per portion. But it’s the drinks prices which show where things truly go to another type of reality. A Jack Daniels would cost you $495. It’s $575 for a Johnnie Walker, a Volcan XA tequila will set you back $2000 and some Dom Perignon Brut Magnum is a mere $3000.

And in something so shameful that even Manchester’s Sacha Lord will blush with embarrassment, a 6-pack of water wil cost you $60. To encourage you to spend even more money, a special offer is even provided. If you spend $100,000 or more, the DJ will give you a shout out, you’ll get backstage access for three people, exclusive merchandise, a helicopter ride and a free table at the Gala nightclub.

As for the Gala, they don’t have any menus online. Which suggests to us they operate on the principle of – if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. Think it could be a while before the Ears To The House staff party heads there…

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