Wednesday Whisper: 3rd August 2022

Which DJ has been forced by their current situation to use old photos and footage of themselves on social media, in the hope no one would notice? The incident in question happened in Ibiza late last week – the DJ is currently doing a number of gigs on and around the island.

All was well, until he decided to make a move on a lady whom he’d seen at a cocktail bar. So how exactly did he choose to make his move – perhaps with some sophisticated conversation? No, he opted to complement the lady for having “f***ing beautiful boobs” and started to make enquiries as to whether they were “real” – all at quite some volume, ensuring others could hear.

The lady in question was understandably embarrassed at all the attention. Unfortunately for the DJ, her boyfriend just happened to wander in amidst his lecherous onslaught – and he subsequently proceeded to give him a black eye. Some obscenities later, he hurriedly left the venue.

Hence why the normally social media friendly DJ has been using Instagram stories and pictures from previous trips to the island. He’d rather the world didn’t know about his recent self-induced misfortune…

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