How’d Danny Rampling get on at Freedom Fest, then?

Apologies for the delay in getting round to writing about this one – we hoped to have something up on Sunday on the subject, but a nightmare of a weekend took us briefly off the air. Anyway, Danny Rampling did something highly unusual a few days ago. He actually went to work at a gig.

Yes, hard as it is to believe these days, it’s true. Rampling performed at the Freedom Music Festival, run by Hope Sussex, on Saturday night. His set time was scheduled for 10pm, and it would be amiss of us not to ask – how did things go? Well, someone who was actually at the event contacted Ears To The House, and we asked them about it.

According to them, Rampling’s set went down pretty well. He stuck mostly to playing older records, or “the sort you’d find on a million Ministry of Sound compilations”, as they phrased it. Rampling also played his current release “Raise The Vibration”, which apparently received the most positive response… but mostly from the man himself.

So what was the attendance like? The person who got in touch couldn’t say for sure, other than to confirm some of the tents occasionally got pretty full. However, a quick look on social media soon yielded a photograph from someone present. Exactly when it was taken was unclear – and we understand the council’s licence for the event restricted total numbers to 500 people.

Unfortunately, the presence of several children in the picture does mean Ears To The House cannot safely publish it without risking breaching several privacy laws – but there are only around 70 people in it in total. And the hesitation of those there to show us more pictures from the event does lead us to wonder how many people were really present. We might be coming back to this one…

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