Here’s One They Made Earlier: 8th August 2022

Many years ago, a lot of records came with a lot of remixes. Exactly why this happened varied drastically, but getting as many different names as possible on a release did sometimes help to shift all that wax. This was a strategy sometimes seen on early Defected tracks, of which we’re highlighting one today.

“Rise” by Eddie Amador first appeared on Yoshitoshi Records in 1999. At the time, Amador was still well known for his now infamous “House Music” release two years earlier. But whilst “House Music” had the notorious “not everyone understands house music” lyrics, vocals on “Rise” were provided by David Gordon – with the New York Preacher mix probably being the most well-known.

Remixes were provided by CZR, Futureshock, Gambafreaks, Tom Novy – and then there was this one by Jason Jinx. An underestimated remix by a man gone too soon – Jinx died back in 2019…

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