Carl Craig gets shirty and a man with a plunger – it’s Defected Croatia!

Out of the many events which Defected run nowadays, Defected Croatia is probably the crown in their jewel. Having done events in Ibiza for many years, the label saw the way the winds were blowing on the island and branched out into The Garden Resort at Tisno in August 2016 – and have been there for every August since, bar one.

The festival itself for this year is due to finish tomorrow – but some of the arguably bigger events took place over the weekend. Such as a number of Detroit faces performing at the festival. Mysteriously rising star and occasional British radio documentary narrator Ash Lauryn was there. DJ Holographic was there. Moodymann was there, having recovered from a recent car accident.

And yes, Carl Craig was also present and correct. Ears To The House notes that everyone was generally in quite loose fitting clothes – a somewhat understandable precaution given that daytime temperatures in Tisno have been around 34°C since Thursday, going down slightly to a still sweltering 32°C tomorrow. But one thing did particularly catch our eye – Carl Craig’s shirt.

What’s with that caption? One of our colleagues pointed out our site’s recent article on Craig’s efforts to reduce the toxic masculinity prevalent in the Detroit dance music scene – and wondered if the man himself was trolling us. After all, we do know from previous history that Carl Craig counts himself as a reader of this site – and he’s far from alone in the dance music world in considering Ears To The House a guilty secret.

Elsewhere, we note the most shared thing to come out of Defected Croatia at the moment is, er, a video of a man who went to one of their boat parties brandishing a plunger. Yes, really.

No, we’re not quite sure why, either…

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