Frankie Knuckles thought Trax were “barnacles” – so this is awkward…

It’s not unusual for people’s memories to change as they get older. This is often to do with changes to the brain as people age, and is not necessarily a sign of something like dementia. But in some cases, it’s a complete mystery why people recall events in the way they do.

Which is why we were left scratching our heads yesterday when Screamin’ Rachael, the boss of Trax Records, was waxing lyrical about how much she liked Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy. The history between Trax and several of the artists they signed in those early years is difficult, to say the least – a lawsuit brought by Larry Heard and Robert Owens against the label rumbles on, for example.

Screamin’ Rachael posted on Facebook on the subject, including a shot taken with two framed pictures – one of herself with Frankie Knuckles, another of herself with Ron Hardy. Now, we’ll almost certainly never know what Hardy thought of Trax Records – the man himself has sadly been dead since March 1992.

Frankie Knuckles is also sadly no longer with us – he died in March 2014. But thanks to the internet, many of his views are still out there. In 2013, when he was working with Eric Kupper under the Director’s Cut alias, he gave an interview to Resident Advisor – and when the topic of conversation got onto Trax Records, he wasn’t holding back…

“I have no relationship with Trax Records. Anytime I got some new product coming out they try and piggyback on whatever that it is that I’m doing to try and make whatever they can make off of it. They’re barnacles.”

Which certainly puts a new spin on the photo Screamin’ Rachael – real name Rachael Cain – posted online. If Knuckles analogy is to be believed, Cain is the barnacle stuck to him – literally.

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