Here’s One They Made Earlier: 15th August 2022

For this week’s edition of Here’s One They Made Earlier, we’re going back to an early period in house music history – an era which is still not appreciated for the sheer creativity which went on. We’re going back to 1989, for a track which was licensed to XL Recordings in the UK.

The track was called “Just As Long As I’ve Got You” and it’s by two DJs called Frankie “Bones” Mitchell and Leonardo Didesiderio – who usually worked under the name Lenny Dee. At the time, they were both DJs on the rave scene in the USA, and this was the record which created a lot of interest in them in Britain.

Several samples are utilised on the track, and some of them in a very clever way. For example, a couple of chords from “Spank” by Jimmy Bo Horne” are chopped up and turned into an entirely different chord progression – something which would have taken forever in those days, as sampling equipment was massively limited in its abilities.

There were a couple of different mixes of this – some of them had a hand from a certain Tommy Musto. But for us at Ears To The House, there’s just something a little bit more special about the original…

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