Have Booker T and Beautiful People kissed and made up?

Last summer, you might recall a story on this very site about Booker T’s very public falling out with the Beautiful People festival. He pulled out of the event due to his name being somewhere on a JPEG that he didn’t like, and also because he was only due to play for 30 minutes.

Ears To The House did wonder whether he would agree to return to the festival this year – and it turns out he has. This isn’t a terribly surprising development in itself – Booker T’s – real name Gary Booker – is a regular on the London club circuit and has been for decades. But have his previous grievances been resolved?

An initial glance doesn’t fill us with confidence. Last year, he said he needed “a magnifying glass to see my name”. But not even a Grammy nomination earlier in the year seems to have persuaded organisers to put his name higher up on the JPEG…

Set times haven’t yet been announced – although from our comparisons between this year and last year’s lineup, the number of DJs playing is relatively similar. Which leaves us wondering – exactly what has Booker achieved through his very public rant last year?

The festival takes place on September 3rd at Queen Elizabeth Park in east London. We’re hoping his set is longer than 30 minutes – not least because several of his recent remixes are on heavy rotation here at HQ…

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