Wednesday Whisper: 17th August 2022

Which DJ allegedly had a tantrum over the weekend and started behaving like Goldilocks? It all began when the DJ in question turned up for his set at a festival – and in an event which quickly set the tone, he also stepped in something which looked suspiciously like dog poop just after arriving.

This was cleaned up quickly and with little fuss – but given the festival didn’t allow dogs, there remained something of a mystery as to how it got there. Anyway, the DJ was due on stage soon, so he was brought to a backstage area where he could get ready. He mentioned he hoped the drinks on his rider were there, and was assured by a fairly senior member of staff this was the case.

After opening the fridge, he reached for his first drink – and quickly proceeded to complain that “this is too hot”. But this didn’t stop him going back for a second – subsequently saying “this is too cold”. When a member of his own team pointed out his behaviour was reminiscent of Goldilocks from The Three Bears, he stormed into a tantrum and demanded his guy went to get him a beer from a nearby on-site bar.

To which he duly did – but long queues meant by the time he’d been served, DJ Goldilocks was already on stage. So he had the beer himself – but how was it? According to our witness, it looked like the beer “was just right”…

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