Will Amy Lamé save the day for Printworks London?

Something strange is in the water. A few weeks ago, Ears To The House reported on developments at the Printworks London site. Southwark Council have approved the building of new offices and housing where the club stands – and many, us included, interpreted this as a sign the nightclub would have to be demolished as a result.

But is this so? Amidst all this, it’s curious there is a group who haven’t confirmed the club’s demise – the Printworks themselves. Now, one might imagine the club would have confirmed the news and announced they would be going out with a bang – but so far, nothing. Infact, looking at the social media pages of Printworks London, you’d be none the wiser that anything untoward was going on.

And now it turns out reports of the death of Printworks might be greatly exaggerated. Mixmag spoke to London’s night czar Amy Lamé and she apparently told them the club’s closure is not necessarily a done deal. It seems she’s been talking with British Land and Broadwick Live about the possibility of keeping the nightclub at the venue.

It’s unclear exactly how British Land and Broadwick Live responded to her request – they declined to comment to Mixmag. But Lamé’s intervention shouldn’t give anyone much hope. In her role, for which she gets a salary of £84,832 per year, her biggest achievement seemed to be persuading London mayor Sadiq Khan to launch a 24-hour Tube service on Friday and Saturday nights.

There was just one problem with this. Lamé couldn’t persuade the city’s many councils to allow nightclubs to stay open for longer – in 2018, Hackney Council passed legislation forcing new venues to close at 11pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends. She’s also presided over the demise of numerous nightclubs across the city since she started the job in November 2016.

The reason for this, of course, is simple. Amy Lamé has no actual power in her role – hence why the farcical situation now exists where Londoners can use the Tube on Friday and Saturday nights, but will be hard pushed to find anywhere worth going to…

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