United Dance Company’s Brian Bout arrested over rape claim

Ears To The House can reveal that Brian Bout, the owner and director of United Dance Company, the organisation which runs annual Netherlands festival Dance Valley, was recently arrested on suspicion of rape. Bout, 49, strongly denies the allegations and was questioned by Spanish authorities over the matter.

The incident is alleged to have happened on April 10th of this year. Carol Sepúlveda, 52, released a statement on Instagram earlier this week. According to Sepúlveda, she met Bout at a bar with some of her friends in attendance. The two had not previously met, but their mutual knowledge of the music industry ensured the two got on well very quickly.

After Sepúlveda, Bout and a number of others went on to a club later in the evening, conversation veered towards her work as an artist – and Bout was said to particularly like a painting whose picture had shown him on the phone. Sepúlveda then claims Bout expressed an interest in visiting this house to see the picture for himself, explaining the house was quite close to the Four Seasons Hotel where he was staying.

Upon entering the house, Sepúlveda alleges that “he pushed me inside and brutally raped me”. She also reveals she “had treatment to remove a cervical tumour not long before this happened”. Her account claims he stopped after she repeatedly shouted “no” and was barked at by her dog.

According to Dutch website AD News, a report which they’ve seen following Sepúlveda’s complaint to the police “describes the woman’s injuries to the neck and knees, plus pain in her vaginal area. Remains of her rapist’s semen were found on her clothes.”

Ears To The House understands that Sepúlveda phoned the emergency services soon after he left, with police finding her on the floor, naked. Bout’s hotel room was raided by the police a short time later, with Spanish police confirming his arrest took place on April 10th. We also understand he was initially refused bail by the courts due to concerns about the address he had given in the country.

Bout released a statement yesterday saying “It is correct that I was arrested in Spain earlier this year, but in the criminal procedure that was initiated as a result of the allegations, in which both versions of the story were heard. I was released by the Spanish judge. I denied, and still deny this woman’s allegations”.

Bout declined to comment further ahead of criminal proceedings, other than to say he intends to face them “with confidence”. He’s currently out on bail pending trial, a date for which has not yet been set.

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