Police seek headline on illegal raves – but probably not this one…

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend in much of the UK today – and as ever, this means a couple of things. It means the weather will probably be rubbish, there’ll be more traffic on the roads than usual, and it’ll mean more illegal raves than on your normal weekend.

Keen to make sure they had something to do over the bank holiday – not to mention grab a few headlines – Devon and Cornwall Police, in England’s south west, put out a long statement on the subject. They’ve had a few problems with them lately – a rather large one took place just a few weeks ago.

It appears the coppers want to “make potential locations in the counties unattractive to organisers of raves”. Ears To The House isn’t quite sure what this means – we’ve contacted the police force in question to ask and we await a response. In the meantime, we can only assume it means doing things like increasing security on a site.

Unfortunately, the police made one rather fatal error before publishing this statement. They forgot to read over it and made an awkward mistake – see if you can spot the error in this screenshot…

Well done to anyone who spotted the remark about “loud music keeping people aware for hours on end”. Always check your work, people…

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