We asked for good news from Detroit scene – and here’s one!

Is everyone in the Detroit music scene an unprincipled snake who puts themselves ahead of everyone else? Ears To The House refuses to believe this is the case – and would dearly love to showcase a more positive side of the scene. That’s precisely one thing we’re going to do today.

As regular readers will know, we strongly believe the dancefloor should be a place of enjoyment and freedom – but for far too many people, it isn’t. For them, it’s a source of anxiety and possibly even fear. It’s a problem the dance music world must confront, but is often reluctant to do so.

So a recent post by Spot Lite in Detroit fills us with joy…

Let’s take a closer look. They list what they’re doing. They admit there’s more they could probably do, but have hit something of a stumbling block – and they need the community’s help. Contrary to what seems to be a popular belief these days, no one is expected to know all the answers to every question.

Hence why they’re putting a panel together to vigorously discuss the issue to see what else can be done. We like this approach a lot – we’ll be watching closely to see what comes out of this. There might be lessons for the wider scene here…

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