Wednesday Whisper: 31st August 2022

Which DJ has been walking around with a limp lately? This all started some two weeks ago after a rather unfortunate incident involving the DJ, a promoter, and a female who made her position very clear for the DJ in question.

The DJ was due to do a show, and he turned up for work a little earlier than planned. Staff then took him over to a backstage area so he could relax for a while – the account we were given claims he was an absolute gentleman to everyone he met. It’s a nice change to hear that, believe us.

He soon started speaking to a woman. Once again he was friendly – but the woman appeared to have other ideas. She kept flirting at him, and getting seemingly nowhere. Frustrated, she stomped hard on his foot with her high heeled shoes just as another man came in, and accused the DJ of flirting with her!

The man who entered the room was less than impressed – something explained by the fact he was her boyfriend. And the boyfriend just happened to be the promoter who had booked the DJ for the gig. He did the show and got paid, but is probably unlikely to be booked again…

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