Is DJs looking miserable still a thing? For Nervous Records, yes!

For reasons that Ears To The House has never fully understood, most DJs look utterly miserable in their press shoots. This isn’t a new trend either – even when we look at archive material from dance music’s early days, we see the average DJ typically looks like they’ve just got dressed again after undergoing a colonoscopy.

From time to time, DJs are apparently permitted to smile in photos – an example of such a person is Carl Cox. We can only assume he gets a free pass to do so due to having been in the trade for roughly 900 years – but almost everyone else in the business has to look like they really hate their own lives.

Now it appears that Nervous Records have discovered this bizarre fact. Fresh from constantly being criticised by the likes of this site for their horribly 1970s brand of advertising, it seems they’ve decided to branch out and try new things. But just like the models who are usually almost wearing the merchandise they’re showcasing, any expression of happiness is off the table.

Just take a look at this gallery of photos recently uploaded by the label to Instagram to promote their latest releases…

A number of classic DJ poses are included here. Camz, for example, does the old looking down and being moody pose. Gary Caos looks like he’s just out of the shower, DJ Gomi gives us the “I really don’t have time for this” look – and goodness knows what DJ Wady on the ninth picture is trying to tell us. He reminds us more than a little of DJ Chef

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